You can’t get more beautiful than this !

Big hit in the 1970s where Hot Pants!

Wow and Wow!

If there’s one thing that today’s modern woman could use a little more of in her life it’s HoT PanTs ! Afterall, when women were created, we were created leggy and a good pair of Hot Pants really showed off our legs! Ladies, if you have a husband in your life, then I strongly suggest you find a pair of Hot Pants and do a little dance for his private pleasure! I’m sure he’lls enjoy it!

Now in the 1960s the fashion designers were the ones that called the shots about skirt lengths. By the end of the decade almost every woman owned a mini, however by the 70s a lady could choose between a maxi, a midi, a mini and even a micro-mini. Empire waist dresses, knee-length peasant skirts and wrap coats were also incredibly popular.

Boy we certainly lost a lot when it comes to fashion. Today’s Lady Gaga trash has nothing on the beauty of these ladies. Personally there’s a little more arm and leg showing than I like but beauty is beauty! If you have a man in your life I’m sure that serving him dinner dressed like one of these ladies above will go a long way to heating up his desires for you. Besides anything has got to be more modest than a meat dress worn by Lady Gaga-ites.

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The myth of the happy housewife

The myth of the happy housewife isn’t such a myth to those that try to live it.

myth of the happy housewife

myth of the happy housewife

For me The myth of the happy housewife isn’t a myth because I’ve been the living the vintage lifestyle for several years and it never ceases to amaze me all the blogs, news articles, videos and other information portals that continuously say that “The happy 1950’s housewife” was just a myth. Well I love being the one that bursts Negative Nancy’s bubble and make it clear that the 1950’s housewife myth wasn’t a myth. There were women that were pretty darn good at being a housewife. In fact today there’s still many women, including myself, that not only embrace domesticity but actually aspire to be great housewives!

Obviously perfection doesn’t exist in this world but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t women that actually enjoy trying to be like June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver), Donna Stone (The Donna Reed Show) or Margaret Anderson (Father Knows Best). In today’s society we’re constantly being sent the message that we’ve got the right to chose how we want to live our lives; but when a woman says she wants to embrace domesticity she’s frowned down upon, sometimes even openly ridiculed. It begs the question since when did domesticity become such a terrible thing ?

myth of the happy housewife

myth of the happy housewife

Now I’m not married (yet). But 5 years ago I decided to become part of what’s referred to as “The Vintage Lifestyle” and I haven’t been happier. Apart from the vintage lifestyle’s obvious focus on 1940’s and 1950’s fashions, many of us have learned to enjoy doing things for ourselves. Sewing, knitting, baking cakes and even doing things like washing the floor and hanging our laundry up on a clothes line aren’t bad things to do. In fact most domestic activities require work, patience and quite often a high level of skill.

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There are certain groups and people that blame feminism and the women’s rights movement for turning domesticity into a bad word. Arguably there was a lot of men that took for granted the work a housewife did and no one enjoys being disrespected or minimized. However if I was forced to chose the real cause of the negative attitudes towards the image of the “perfect housewife”, I would point to the modern market.

They would have you believe that living on one income is impossible. When in truth the only real “advantage” (depending on your perspective) to two full-time careers is the greater the household income, the greater the debt the family can incur.

Everything depends upon the choices you make and how you budget your money. But instead most people waste money on convenience foods, cheap fall apart clothes,or the newest consumer electronic gadget. By comparison, a vintage lifestyler balances career with household responsibility, one partner takes care of the household, while the other concentrates on a full-time career, or in the case of a family run business all duties are shared according to need and competency. Household duties extend beyond cooking and cleaning, it’s about organization, etiquette to assure good neighborliness and possibly professional (think dinner party with colleagues) relationships, child rearing, budgeting household expenses,etc. By knowing how to sew, one can make high quality clothes that last for years, or simple repairs or alterations to those favorite outfits. By knowing how to cook, one can save on food, electricity and potentially medical expenditures. What’s more, family members raising children have a vested interest in their well-being that goes way beyond the legal requirements of a state registered day-care facility. Furthermore the act of keeping a clean and orderly organized home is a form of daily household asset inventory that tells the wonderfully domesticated women just what she needs and doesn’t need.

myth of the happy housewife

myth of the happy housewife

Gentlemen, domesticity addresses you as well!

It’s not all just about women because the MARKET wants you to do things like bring in your car for an oil change or a tune up spending as much as 5 times amount of doing it for yourself. Just think of how often you throw out food that’s gone bad in the fridge, that has freezer burn or perishables past their “use by” date. Think about how much time you wasted looking for something because it wasn’t in an easy to find organized place. Think about how many things get broken just because they weren’t put away. Think about the last time you moved, or did a full spring cleaning and how many duplicate objects you found, purchased because you couldn’t find the original, or forgot you had one. People waste large sums of money buying things they already have but didn’t know were already in a cupboard someplace.

myth of the happy housewife

myth of the happy housewife

Saving money and learning to do things for yourself is contrary to what a modern economy needs to be prosperous. Instead they want you to spend all your money, or even better to go in debt spending money you don’t have. They want the consumer to buy pre-packaged food that gives you a small fraction of the food at an elevated price instead of having a garden. Or buy clothes that literally fall apart or go out of style in 3 months instead of making our own, or up-cycling vintage that are timeless and last for years. The vintage lifestyle is in many ways giving the proverbial middle finger to this exploitative economic system.

Being a vintie, makes becoming a happy housewife easy. Pursing the vintage lifestyle means becoming domestically skilled and skills equal freedom. It’s freedom from the dependance of having to be part of a social system that’s only concerned with emptying your wallet, any way it can. It’s the freedom to always have the same days off to be with your family as your partner, so that you can do more things as a family. It’s the freedom to not have to worry about the upkeep on a second vehicle. It’s the freedom to raise your own kids. It’s the freedom to eat food without chemical additives. It’s the freedom to decide what is important to you and for your family, and not be told what you need by the market. The happy housewife is a woman who embraces her family both literally and proverbially by the valuable role that she plays in keeping the household running efficiently and an economically while offering emotional support for her partner and children. It’s a vital position, with priceless profits in family cohesion and economic advantages in reduced expenses. The vintage lifestyle and the happy housewife go hand in hand….so what are you waiting for ?

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The modern working girl

Some Vintage Advice for the Modern working girl

some vintage advice for the modern working girl

Some vintage advice for the modern working girl

INVESTIGATION discloses that great majority of women and girls who work in offices, stores and factories do so to help support their families and most often are single mothers. To these it is not only a matter of being self-supporting, but to render financial aid to widowed mothers, husbands, and even often dealing with deadbeat fathers.

In other words, the woman in industry is there from necessity. There is no way of knowing how many, if given the opportunity, would exchange this life of toil for one of stability. In any case, it is altogether to the credit of the army of women and girls who plod away to work every morning that their main impulse is to maintain the upkeep of their home.

The question naturally arises whether the men, if it were in their power so to do, should liberate their women folk from the galling yoke of store and office and factory labor. Would such an emancipation from daily toil be for the best interests of either sex?

Some years back one could have started an argument on the question whether a wife, whose husband was well able to support her, should find employment outside of the home, because there would have been no one to take the affirmative side. Today, either from necessity or choice, many wives and husbands ride to work on the same street car or commutation train, and it is not always because the husband’s income is not large enough for the two.

The problem is stability and that there’s such a lack of it today. Society today is constantly being assaulted with a message of how things are far superior in this age than any other previous period in history. A cursory discussion, shows that most young adults under the age of 30 appear to suffer delusions of grander, due to possessing such things as smart phones and tablets. Furthermore today’s adolescents tend to share a belief that money somehow magically appears due to the advancements in computer and robotic technologies. But what they fail to see is that today’s financial instability that demands a woman seek work outside her home is quickly starting to demand that the young commit to accepting any and all forms of work in exchange, not for financial compensation, but for a bed and a meal. One only needs to compare the number of diminishing paid jobs being offered with those of increasingly published offers unpaid internships and room & board jobs.

The dark side of what’s being offered to the modern working girl

Some vintage advice for the modern working girl

Some vintage advice for the modern working girl

In many cases sex has become an unwritten job requirement. Both single and married women are now having demands for sexual favors directly placed upon them not only to obtain a job but to maintain their jobs. Incidents of the career girl willing to sleep with her boss for a promotion or a pay raise has been surpassed by the number of fast food restaurant managers exploiting a woman during the job interview process. The proverbial casting couch of Hollywood has now become part of the office furniture in more than 20% of all businesses.

This instability and exploitation was never part of the emancipation process of the last 100 years for women. Unfortunately governments are either unwilling or unable to address the problem. Instead they continue to permit tech firms to find ways to render human labor obsolete and concentrate enormous amounts of corporate, government and even military power into the hands of a very small few. For today’s profit and power driven modern economy a return to some form of slavery is in it’s best interest.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem and it’s a relatively simple one, even if it is hard to implement. It’s a return to the basics of self reliance; both pursuing the learning of domestic and survival skills, simplification of one’s life, and old vintage code of conduct.. Households without televisions, computers and microwaves require less money to maintain. Further still wood burning stoves, growing your own food and learning to repair small machines reduce even more the financial burden. Plus placing demands upon men to not just accept but embrace their responsibilities to raise the children they father also aids greatly. As does denying men all forms of sexual contact without a serious relationship commitment.

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The list of changes to be made may seem long, but so is the weight of society’s problems. A government concerned with corporate interests is never going to offer an equitable solution, so if you want liberty, you have to accept the responsibility that goes with it. Change is always an uncomfortable process, but it is inevitable; either by making hard choices now, or continuing to suffer the tyranny of the whims of a mechanistic, profit hungry and youth obsessed market driven society.

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French copy of the Zapruder film

The unedited French copy of the Zapruder film

French copy of the Zapruder film -

A silent super-8 color motion picture sequence shot by a man named Abraham Zapruder. (Henceforth why this is called the Zapruder Film) What he captured is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Private citizen Abraham Zapruder was filming the President’s motorcade as it passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on the day of November 22, 1963. Therefore he inadvertently captured the actual moment when the John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

But is this supposed French copy of the Zapruder film genuine?

For years it’s been rumored that the CIA had edited the film taking out key frames that showed a different gunman. Also rumored there was somehow in existence an unedited French copy of the Zapruder film. Decades later there are still people looking for this unedited French copy of the Zapruder film. It appears that it has finally surfaced but no one is sure if it’s going to change the situation of the past or if it is just another fake in a long line of fakes. After all it is 2014 and almost anyone now can fake almost anything.

The Zapruder film is not the only film of the shooting. However it has been said to be the most complete of the event. (Therefore that would make the alleged French copy of the Zapruder film even more complete.) It gives a relatively clear view from an elevated postion that allowed others to clearly see the president’s head wound. The moment the bullet passed through John F. Kennedy’s head is clearly visible. Horrifically the French copy of the Zapruder film seems to show it in even more graphic details. But I’m not someone that enjoys seeing such things so I admit to not having done any kind of detailed analysis of the CIA version and the French copy of the Zapruder film.

One of the most studied films in history

This super-8 film was a strategic and important piece of evidence used by the Warren Commission hearings. (And also all subsequent investigations of the assassination.) It’s one of the most studied and analyzed pieces of film in history. It’s greatest notoriety is the actual moment when the president was fatally shot when his limousine was almost directly in front of Abraham Zapruder.

So here’s the film.

If anyone wants to discuss the French copy of the Zapruder film they are free to do so in the forum.

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When the waistline disappeared

Many designers undertook to do a woman’s fashion thinking from head to toe, designing the hats, shoes and jewelry for each costume, and even selecting the correct stocking tone for the season.

The late 5os brought us a new less encumbering style different from the tightly corseted silouettes of previous year’s fashions. These styles continue to appeal to us today, as their loose fitting waistline suits both twiggy thin girls and full figured ladies. Also today classic corsets are rare, so finding the perfect fit is difficult and a poor fit can be very uncomfortable, especially when piled under several layers of clothing and belts which were commonplace in fashion before 1958.

The chemise “sack” or trapeze dresses as they were known, became widely popular, not only on the haute couture scene but at home as the simplified scructure was easy to duplicate. This has given us a variety of colours, patterns, and fabric combinations that were only limited to the imaginations of their creators, and today our vintage treasure hunts often reward us with a one-of-a-kind dress in brilliant colours, whose fabric has already stood the tests of time.



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Vintage Values are more than just family values

Believe it or not but vintage values are more than just family values

Vintage Values are more than just family values

Vintage Values are more than just family values

Often vintage values are equated to family values, traditional roles, lowered hemlines, politeness. But the values deemed worthy by the vintage lifestyle go beyond the interpersonal formalities of our inner circle. They extend it to a personal pride in appearance, both in how we see ourselves and what we project of ourselves to others. We don’t worry if people laugh at us, but rather that we’re seen as trustworthy.

So how is that vintage values are more than just family values?

To start with value is placed on integrity, so we endeavor to keep appointments, make good on contracts and promises, and not to speak ill of others. We find ourselves forming little isolated communities with similar thinkers to survive in the modern world, where the measure of merit has become the prestige associated with personal possessions and positions of authority, completely ignoring what ethical boundaries were crossed to attain these things.

Great vintage clothing on sale by Tabarnak1969 Vintage

We’ll tinker with an old car instead of leasing a new one. We’ll grow our own food or go to market for fresh produce instead of buying ready-made meals. We’ll mend our clothes instead of replacing them. We’ll hang dry clothes instead of using a dryer.

Vintage Values are more than just family values

Vintage Values are more than just family values

We know that part of our value system still believes waste not, want not and our experiences show it as true. Because people in the vintage lifestyle understand the concept that Vintage Values are more than just family values; We do more than dress and decorate to a certain era, we adopt a whole mindset of thinking, acting and living. That’s why we look for authentic Vintage articles, made with the pride and workmanship that we value, it’s why we find pleasure in listening to an old radio broadcast or watching a black and white film.

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Our efforts with less “labour saving” devices may require more time or effort, but it’s a labor of love, and often that time is quality time we can spend teaching the next generation to equally be able to do something for themselves. And in such we have discovered happiness.

Knowing how Vintage Values are more than just family values is essential to living the vintage lifestyle

The pursuit of happiness, is not as the market wants us to believe, gained by discounted “black Friday” acquisitions or by being among the first to buy the latest gadget. But rather it’s a path that we carve out for ourselves by meandering along the overgrown (and often forgotten) trails of our ancestors, all with our loved one’s in tow, marveling as we overcome each personal challenge and milestone. Vintage truly is more than fashion, it’s a way of life.

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Vintage Etiquette and why young men become jerks

This third full length broadcast of Vintage Talk Radio discusses Vintage Etiquette and why young men become jerks

Vintage Etiquette

Vintage Etiquette

If you know your Ps & Qs, you’ve been introduced to the most basic form of etiquette. Yet today, manners are a means onto an ends instead of the respectful interaction which was their original intent. Vintage Etiquette is a clear code of conduct that gives us the tools to effectively communicate without offending, to make lasting positive impressions and to validate each other as having personal significance. Good etiquette is as much about respect for oneself as one another. If one has no self respect, the only “respectful” response he or she will be capable of, is one of fear, which in part is why we see so many disrespectful people today, the art of etiquette is being quickly forgotten.

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The average modern household has evolved into an inter-generational cohabitation, riddled with stress, poor communication and isolated individuals instead of the cohesive, communicative and cooperative family unit that the Vintage Lifestyle promotes. But good manners within the home, mean nothing if these behaviors are not played out in all our interpersonal interactions.

And social medias are replacing our face to face interactions and opportunities at meaningful conversations.

So beyond the family, the whole community is losing it’s cohesion; neighbors remain strangers.

Vintage Etiquette

Vintage Etiquette

What’s more the tech environment is created and maintained by an elite group of immediate gratification seekers, whose wealthy social status and technical savvy makes them revered. In all things related to the holy grail of success and progress, they are the gurus which our children are conditioned to emulate either directly with emphasis on becoming technologically adept or inadvertently by simply immersing them in a virtual world. Just think about how natural mimic creative play which used to involve work benches and cook stoves, or miniaturized real world items, now consists of primarily of electronics, so much so, if it doesn’t light up and produce sound, it isn’t considered a “good” toy. With stuffed animals whose play is App dependent, I’m left to wonder if the velveteen rabbit has become irrelevant to today’s 5 year olds ?

Vintage Etiquette

Vintage Etiquette

This broadcasts hopes to highlight some of more important aspects of social etiquette, and discusses how their absence effects our daily lives. Furthermore Ms. Bisou points out how Silicon Valley is allowed to engineer detrimental social changes, through our insatiable hunger to simplify our lives with their technological “marvels”. The Vintage Lifestyle is not technologically phobic, but rather demands responsibility and self-reliance which in the end give us the freedom and relationships that make life worthwhile.

Listen to the show, and start some meaningful dialogue of your own.

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//end Vintage Etiquette

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Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value

Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value necessitated by a plastic planet.

Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value

How a vintage lifestyle embraces the slogan “reduce reuse and recycle”

Ecological consciousness is not a new concept, but rather a new monicker for Vintage frugality and common sense. (Henceforth Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value) Somewhere in the 80s, this vintage value was replaced by the status symbol. High-tech led the way, from plastic cassettes, walkmans, and vcrs to home PCs, so that today, everything we can think of is availble either wrapped in or made of plastic.

This is where you can start living the vintage lifestyle by dressing the part

Just as plastic keeps our food and work environments sterile, as it permiates into every aspect of our lifes, life itself is beoming sterile, losing its taste, looking like an inferior copy of the real living our ansestors did. Perhaps this is what first draws people to the vintage lifestyle; their search for something as perceptibly intangible as the difference between food cooked using cast iron instead of teflon.

Looking backward in order to look forward and understanding the slogan ” Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value “

Whatever strikes at their consciousness, the ecological problems associated with plastic are three-fold. First it is a highly processed petro-chemical, second, recycling is non-efficient in terms of energy and lastly, it’s just plain CHEAP !!!. Plastics manufacturors worldwide run heavily guarded facilities and the componnets of their products are “trade-secrets”. Let the BPA scare be a warning to avoid these potentially harmful products, because the effects of longterm exposure to toxic substances are accumulative and almost impossible to pinpoint and prove causality. It’s a potential health risk that vintage lifestyle can protect you from, and all “bio” farmer’s should be made aware of. Wax, paper, metals and glass are all ecologically friendly, reusable (or easily recycled) substances that were used safely for centuries. Recycling plastics requires complicated sorting, great energy to breakdown different polymers and often fresh plastic pellets have to be added to create another similar product. This inefficiency is costly, so recycling is not optimised and the cheap, easily broken, quickly replaced wasteful products accumulate.

Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value

Maybe it’s this wastefulness that awakens the ecological conciousness within people who opt for the vintage lifestyle. By buying vintage, not only do we keep perfectly good products from being wastefully cast aside, but we preserve things that were made by people who took pride in their work, and put a little bit of themselves into their creations. We also reduce the waste of overproduction, in raw-materials, energy and transportation at every step in the production process.

Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value and needing to express this fact

We can express our vintage values of ecological conciousness, everytime we chose to reuse something for a new purpose. Each time we chose the local farmer’s market or our own gardens over the supermarket. Everytime we choose to repair something instead of throwing it away. Everytime we choose human interaction instead of an automated service. As our ecological conciousness grows, we start to notice the heathly vibrations of our natural environment, we rediscover the interactions that breath life into us all, and we recognize plastic as we use it today as nothing more than pollution.

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Socialization without social media

Today’s broadcast talks about Socialization without social media, the vintage lifestyle way.

It is often said that a virtual chicken soup does nothing to ease the symptoms of a real cold,

and similarily people who embrace the vintage lifestyle are doing so because Virtual friends are doing nothing to ease real loneliness. Creating or growing your reallife cicle of friends starts with being in places where you are sure to cross paths with others; and by making an effort to go to places where you will encounter people with similar interests. Socialization means making each and every human interaction count by being consistent in your behavior. Not only will nondiscriminatory consistent Vintage etiquette build a strong character; but it is also by these daily actions that you will be judged by others.

Since putting your best foot forward can be challenging or tiresome; Bisou gives us tips for staying positive, releasing negative energy, reclaiming positive thought patterns and even battling shyness. In revealing the secret to finding the perfect for you partner, we discover thta each and every person shold be regarded as someone who may know the special someone who is right for you. By focusing socializing on only meeting potential partners; you not only deny youself an invaluable social network that enriches all aspects of your live, but you might also be misssing out on the oportunity to meet that Mr or Mrs Right for you. So then everyone should be treated with the same dignity and respect as you would for someone that you intended to woo.

Find your Vintage Clothes here!

Several ideas for socialization venues are proposed; as well as some Vintage dating guidelines. Finally Bisou talks about how to attract the person that is perfect for you by being the person that is right for him or her. Preparing for a longterm commitment is as much about knowing yourself, your values and your objectives as it is about knowing your partner. It is these shared core values and goals that form the foundations of a solid relationship. Good communication is the key to surviving the changes and challenges that life has to offer. Socialization; be it on the community level or a more intimate scale is never binary. Perfect for you does not mean perfect; nobody is perfect, not you, not your partner, not life; our expectations must reflect this fact. Afterall it’s sharing the ups and downs of living that produce the most enduring relationships.

Socialization without social media

Socialization without social media

Vintage Socialization without social media…real people, real encounters; real life…start sharing the lifestyle

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//Socialization without social media

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