Why not be a happy housewife?

I’m passionate by all things vintage, older styles, hand-crafted objects and things made to last. Bright colours and shiny objects attract my attention; I love accessories that are excentric. I collect powder puffs in little boxes that sit nicely on my dressing table. And I’m always searching the perfect silk scarf to accessorize my fitted, conservative dresses.

For those of you who are like me, a lover of everything between 1950 and 1970, I offer you a different way to see the world. We can live much more healthily and comfortably if we embrace the retro lifestyle. I’m part of this volitile generation and this throw-away modern world. There’s no longer any family values… Businessmen are looking to cause wars everywhere in order to make a buck…. our food is poisoned… our oceans are dying … And gadgets like the iPhone is making our friends and family mentally handicapped.

My blog and forum allow you to discuss my revolution. I’m not talking about violence but in my own way, I am fighting back. The old technology was never able to spy on us and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a “Happy housewife” that looks after the children and is always ready for her husband.

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living vintage retro values today

Living vintage retro values today is often called “traditional values” or “family values” but regardless of what it’s called it’s an attempt at living a moral life !

living vintage retro values today

living vintage retro values today

It seems today that everyone is talking about protecting their values and way of life, but for many, that way of life is completely devoid of the values that were common just two or three generations past. And our way of life, is to work to be able to buy. Value is measured as new and improved, or technologically advanced. The market plans obsolescence so that society throws away everything old, and must constantly buy more. The market would like retro to be a fad, just another style that will go out of fashion. But with technological unemployment, and austerity measures, we just can’t keep buying, the credit will eventually run out, and while all the modern “retro copies” fall apart in much the same way anything made in today’s sweatshops. Real Vintage products are quality made, retain their value and will cost less in the long run, and are often styles appropriate for any professional environment, not just a single night clubbing.

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The throw away society to which the majority are credit-card carrying members, not only trashes tech products, like TVs, phones, and computers; it tells us we should replace our household appliances, furniture and gives us clothes to wear that practically disintegrate. The media challenges that Vintage ideas, codes of honour and religious values, are nothing more than worthless constructs held only by the unenlightened, superstitious and ignorant. They offer that all our problems will be solved by technology and science. Ignoring technological unemployment and countless health problems correlatively increasing with our high-tech “advancements”.

living vintage retro values today

living vintage retro values today

Religion apparently is for zealots, so if you believe in something greater, speak softly, or else you might be come under suspicion as a cult-member or a radical recruiter for the enemy of the state. I found online an inauguration ceremony for the ground breaking for Montreal’s metro system. I was surprised at the presence of a Catholic Bishop that said a prayer and asked for a blessing on the project and protection of the workers dedicated to the undertaking. I was shocked because I have never seen anything similar ever done in my lifetime, and yet I think it would be a good practice. Instead of secularism, where no religion is recognized, I believe that the voting majority should demand a moral code of conduct from our government.

living vintage retro values today

living vintage retro values today

Then maybe the law, which is based on the Commandments and shared among the three Abrahamic faiths, would be applied equally to everyone. Then maybe politicians who lied and cheated would go to jail. Then maybe law enforcement would be held accountable for killing unarmed individuals, instead of creating a new set of rules and holding an “inquiry” in lieu of court. Then maybe people wouldn’t be fined for feeding the poor. Then maybe Vintage values would be part of our social conscience.

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So what is steampunk?

That is the question on many minds!

In short it’s a new way of thinking… A reaction against the digital world of plastic, hopelessness and planned obsolescence.    It’s not a new trend because the first convention took place in 2006 about the same time the word “SteamPunk” was added to the Oxford dictionary.  However, if you can forgive the play on words, steampunk hadn’t yet picked up steam and hit the media.

The concept is inspired by science fiction novels written by authors like HG. Wells and Jules Verne.  It incorporates victorian era principals of politeness, creativity and reimagines and often reworks our relationship with modern technology.  The movement has grown from a visual esthetic and style to a whole philosophy.  It’s all about mixing the old with the new and resurecting the ideals of what communities, interpersonal relationships and most of all… Beauty!

You watch a video that gives you a better idea in the forum located here : http://tabarnak69.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=238

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Doris her star shines as bright as Day

Doris Day – Without a doubt the tittle ” Doris her star shines as bright as Day ” is cliché. But hey, sometimes cliché works!

Doris her star shines as bright as Day

Doris her star shines as bright as Day – Box Office appeal

Doris Day was the biggest box-office draw in the 1950s. In fact as of 2012 she was still the top grossing female star EVER ! Blond blue eyed with a pearlly white smile that shone almost as brightly as her star, she projected the wholesome girl-next door and motherly image that Vintage lifestylers try to imitate.

Gradually replaced by the blond-bombshells in the 60s, we may have forgotten completely this bright star if Doris Day hadn’t also been a recording artist.

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Mixing acting and singing talents, gave Doris Day an undeniable advantage in staying in the hearts and minds of her fans. Still despite more than 650 recordings, Doris Day is recognised primarily for her film work. And the songs that live on the longest she sang on camera.

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She starred in 39 movies; everything from musicals to westerns to thrillers. But Day was especially popular in romantic comedies. *

Doris her star shines as bright as Day – Worked with some of the biggest names

She starred oppposite other great stars including Cary Grant, James Cagney, Clark Gable and Tony Randall. Working under the direction of Hitchcock in the Man who knew too much, opposite James Stewart; Doris sang one of her most timeless songs Que sera sera – Whatever will be, will be. (The song won an Academy award.) Her first non-singing role, in Storm Warning, also saw her character killed, in a film about racial tensions and the KKK. Doris Day, is maybe be most beloved for the morality of her films; always a lady, she turned down the role of the seductive “Mrs. Robinson”.

Doris her star shines as bright as Day – The legacy she gave us

Doris Day has left us a treasure of classic films and romantic songs. Now in her nineties she continues to shine as a defender of animal rights, with the Doris Day Animal League. The greatest female star of all time, Doris Day will shine bright for generatins to come in the hearts of all those who watch and listen to her legacy.

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Buddy, Can you spare..some TIME

For those of you who are old enough to remember the old song “Brother, can you spare a dime ?” will recognize right off that the theme here is charity. What makes time so precious that we’ve forgotten how to share it or better still give it away ? What does it really cost us anyhow ? How do we justify hours spent playing video games or watching videos alone and in silence when we could be contributing to undoing the very things that we complain are wrong with society today.

Somewhere in the 80s we accepted the idea that time is money, and success is determined by the monetary value of one’s assets. In this belief we gradually stopped taking the precious time to enjoy the simple things in life or to simply offer our time to others, either in volunteering activities or by simply being patient. Taking a moment to enjoy the simple things in life, to slow down are just as important as spending our time on someone else, as these moments allow us to recharge and ultimately be more agreable to be around.

So I’m offering a challenge to my readers (and please feel free to pass this on). Try over the next month to make better use of your time. Think that you already don’t have enough hours in a day ??? Maybe..but we can all find more time if we’re organized. Once you have found some extra time, share it. Time “spent” on/with others is morally uplifting for everyone involved.

Get organized…
Make a reverse to do list of your daily activities. Start with fall asleep and go back through your day until the time you woke up. Then when you get up tomorrow remake the list with actual times and additional activiities you may have omitted to get a better idea of where you can make up the extra hours you’re hoping for.

Bad habits aren’t always as obvious as hitting the snooze button for 20 mins every morning.
For example, Working on your computer while in bed, may cause you difficulty later in falling asleep, or worse, you fall asleep while working and are always rushed for deadlines.

Plan. A to-do-list is just as important as a grocery-shopping list for saving. Also by recongnizing what needs to be done, multi-tasking becomes possible. And if you’re in a family situation…by all means include everyone in the family. Even a newborn has his/her roll to play, as feeding time is a wonderful distraction from the hurried frenzy of other activities.

Be more patient…
Conflicts are better and more quickly resolved with rules of debate, than in heated arguement. Give each involved the chance to express his/her opinion, followed by a rebuttal or suggestion of compromise, each person only has a couple of minutes to talk and no yelling is tolerated.

Courtesy avoids accidents, and getting upset in heavy traffic only makes it worse; try singing with the radio or planning what you’re going to do after work. With practice watching how others react hostily to delays becomes laughable/surreal as you remember that stress used to be on your own shoulders. If your commute is long, advertise for a car-pool/ ride-share at least to a public transit point. Not only is this a money saver, but it’s also another opportunity to spend some time with others.

Patience is a virtue….next time you are exasperated in line behind somebody painstakingly counting out his/her pocket change to pay. Distract your negative attitude with a more congenial thought about this person. Before you is someone who is independent instead of burdening his/her family, someone who appreciates the value of a dollar (and could teach a thing or two to the generation who thinks everthing is paid for with a card); is someone who is not rushed, and could maybe help you learn to slow down.

Your comments, questions and suggestions are always appreciated. Vintage is not just fashion…it’s a way of life !

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Living the Vintage lifestyle

Living the Vintage lifestyle is more than wearing vintage clothing

Living the Vintage lifestyle

Living the Vintage lifestyle

It reflects a choice to live with the same simplicity of generations past.  It’s not the belief that everything was better, but taking from the past the values that our grandparents and great grandparents held dear.

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Living the vintage lifestyle is about keeping one’s word, and limiting business dealings to companies and persons who also have ethical practices. It’s about avoiding credit, not only financially, but in how much we ingratiate ourselves to others. It’s about making do with what we have, or creating for ourselves opportunities and / or work-around solutions.

Living the Vintage lifestyle

Living the Vintage lifestyle

Living the vintage lifestyle is about putting the family first. In the past, mothers knew how to cook from scratch, fathers knew how to keep small engines and bicycles running smoothly, and older siblings kept a watchful eye on their younger brothers and sisters.  Also, every large family had a garden and hand-me-downs to economize.

Living the Vintage lifestyle

Living the Vintage lifestyle

In living the vintage lifestyle, being respectful is as important as being clean. A lack of respect shown to others, was once intolerable because it also disrespected one’s parents parents by reflecting poorly on them. Ageism wasn’t practiced, as there was much to learn from our elders, who to their credit, weren’t afraid to tell us, when they didn’t understand something. Unfortuneately, this started a trend of mockery in the 80s when the elderly resisted the expensive technology that they had always managed without, while the “movers and shakers” embrased it as their hope for the future. Like a planned obselesence for humanity, with each generation we become more and more dependant on our technological devices, sacraficing personal know-how.

Living the Vintage lifestyle

Living the Vintage lifestyle

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Buck Rogers Radio show

Buck Rogers radio show was orgionally broadcast in 1932

Buck Rogers radio show

Buck Rogers is a fictional character who first appeared in Armageddon 2419 A.D. by Philip Francis Nowlan in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine Amazing Stories as Anthony Rogers.

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It was in 1932 when Buck Rogers radio show came to the airwaves

The radio airwaves to be exact. It was the first science fiction program on radio and it was broadcasted in four seperate runs with different schedules. At first the broadcast was a 15 minute show on the Columbia Broadcast System with a Monday through Thursday schedule. The schedule was changed in 1936 to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday rotation and then later went off the air the same year. Mutual brought the show back to the airwaves in 1936 for a 3 days each week between April 1939 to July 1939 then again from May 1940 to July 1940 with a 30 minute version being broadcasted on Saturdays. In 1946 Mutual returned to airing 15 minute versions on weekdays.

In the Buck Rogers radio show version our hero Buck Rogers once again finds himself in the 25th century. The actors Matt Crowley, Curtis Arnall, Carl Frank and John Larkin all voiced him at one time or another. The strong and beautiful Wilma Deering was always played by Adele Ronson and the scientist-inventor Dr. Huer was voiced by Edgar Stehli. The radio show was produced by Carlo De Angelo and later by Jack Johnstone.

Now if you’re interested in hearing these orgional radio broadcasts… Well then today is your lucky day because I just so happen to have posted one of the origional Buck Rogets radio show broadcasts below.

And if you would like to hear more old time radio broadcasts including the Buck Rogers radio show you can let your voice be heard in the forum.


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Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value

Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value necessitated by a plastic planet.

Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value

How a vintage lifestyle embraces the slogan “reduce reuse and recycle”

Ecological consciousness is not a new concept, but rather a new monicker for Vintage frugality and common sense. (Henceforth Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value) Somewhere in the 80s, this vintage value was replaced by the status symbol. High-tech led the way, from plastic cassettes, walkmans, and vcrs to home PCs, so that today, everything we can think of is availble either wrapped in or made of plastic.

This is where you can start living the vintage lifestyle by dressing the part

Just as plastic keeps our food and work environments sterile, as it permiates into every aspect of our lifes, life itself is beoming sterile, losing its taste, looking like an inferior copy of the real living our ansestors did. Perhaps this is what first draws people to the vintage lifestyle; their search for something as perceptibly intangible as the difference between food cooked using cast iron instead of teflon.

Looking backward in order to look forward and understanding the slogan ” Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value “

Whatever strikes at their consciousness, the ecological problems associated with plastic are three-fold. First it is a highly processed petro-chemical, second, recycling is non-efficient in terms of energy and lastly, it’s just plain CHEAP !!!. Plastics manufacturors worldwide run heavily guarded facilities and the componnets of their products are “trade-secrets”. Let the BPA scare be a warning to avoid these potentially harmful products, because the effects of longterm exposure to toxic substances are accumulative and almost impossible to pinpoint and prove causality. It’s a potential health risk that vintage lifestyle can protect you from, and all “bio” farmer’s should be made aware of. Wax, paper, metals and glass are all ecologically friendly, reusable (or easily recycled) substances that were used safely for centuries. Recycling plastics requires complicated sorting, great energy to breakdown different polymers and often fresh plastic pellets have to be added to create another similar product. This inefficiency is costly, so recycling is not optimised and the cheap, easily broken, quickly replaced wasteful products accumulate.

Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value

Maybe it’s this wastefulness that awakens the ecological conciousness within people who opt for the vintage lifestyle. By buying vintage, not only do we keep perfectly good products from being wastefully cast aside, but we preserve things that were made by people who took pride in their work, and put a little bit of themselves into their creations. We also reduce the waste of overproduction, in raw-materials, energy and transportation at every step in the production process.

Ecological Conciousness a Vintage value and needing to express this fact

We can express our vintage values of ecological conciousness, everytime we chose to reuse something for a new purpose. Each time we chose the local farmer’s market or our own gardens over the supermarket. Everytime we choose to repair something instead of throwing it away. Everytime we choose human interaction instead of an automated service. As our ecological conciousness grows, we start to notice the heathly vibrations of our natural environment, we rediscover the interactions that breath life into us all, and we recognize plastic as we use it today as nothing more than pollution.

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Vintage ; Retro what’s it all about ?

The difference between vintage and retro can be confusing to the untrained eye; as retro strives to copy vintage styles.
Where the greatest difference lies is in quality. With at least 30 years since it’s production, real vintage clothing has already stood the tests of time. There are a few exceptions to this quality rule, as some designers will take the time to seek out vintage or quality natural fabrics for their creations; but this attention to detail must take into account even the threads, or else risk that everything comes apart at the seams.

Real vintage is ecological; often clothing was locally (nationally) made. Making a vintage choice both keeps articles out of landfills, and slows down hyper-consumerism. Futhermore, it lowers dependance on 3rd world labour markets. Not to mention on the continued exploitation of petro-chemicals to make and transport new fabrics and rerun fashions.

With Vintage clothing you’re buying something because it pleases you, not to fit in with the crowd or try to impress a fair-weather friend by owning the latest hollywood marketed trend. Vintage clothing tends to be one of a kind, or often locally unique so one can really express their individuality.

Vintage clothing comes in a variety of styles coulours and materials. Natural fabrics, like 100% cotton, linen, rayon (made from cellulose) and wool allow the skin to breath. Qualiity woolen material dosen’t itch, and its insulating factor can’t be beaten, as it protects from the rain, cold and wind or sun and heat.
The sixties and seventies were dominated by brilliantly coloured wash and wear polyesters. When these were first introduced attention was taken in their manufacteur to mimic the look and feel of natural materials, so the consumer would only see the benefits of the “space age” easy-care alternative to the fabrics they knew and trusted. By the end of the seventies every colour, thickness, and texture imaginable was available and with so many choices, no one “style” was mass produced to the levels encountered today.

Vintage ends in the eighties, as the first retro fashions came to be. 80s reproductions of 1940s styles are often mistaken for authentic 1940s garments, but often on close inspection the buttons, zipper or fabric itself identifies it’s copycat origins. The eighties also offer us the last unique era specific wardrobe change as spandex/ elastane and neon colours defined a generation.


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Vintage Etiquette and why young men become jerks

This third full length broadcast of Vintage Talk Radio discusses Vintage Etiquette and why young men become jerks

Vintage Etiquette

Vintage Etiquette

If you know your Ps & Qs, you’ve been introduced to the most basic form of etiquette. Yet today, manners are a means onto an ends instead of the respectful interaction which was their original intent. Vintage Etiquette is a clear code of conduct that gives us the tools to effectively communicate without offending, to make lasting positive impressions and to validate each other as having personal significance. Good etiquette is as much about respect for oneself as one another. If one has no self respect, the only “respectful” response he or she will be capable of, is one of fear, which in part is why we see so many disrespectful people today, the art of etiquette is being quickly forgotten.

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The average modern household has evolved into an inter-generational cohabitation, riddled with stress, poor communication and isolated individuals instead of the cohesive, communicative and cooperative family unit that the Vintage Lifestyle promotes. But good manners within the home, mean nothing if these behaviors are not played out in all our interpersonal interactions.

And social medias are replacing our face to face interactions and opportunities at meaningful conversations.

So beyond the family, the whole community is losing it’s cohesion; neighbors remain strangers.

Vintage Etiquette

Vintage Etiquette

What’s more the tech environment is created and maintained by an elite group of immediate gratification seekers, whose wealthy social status and technical savvy makes them revered. In all things related to the holy grail of success and progress, they are the gurus which our children are conditioned to emulate either directly with emphasis on becoming technologically adept or inadvertently by simply immersing them in a virtual world. Just think about how natural mimic creative play which used to involve work benches and cook stoves, or miniaturized real world items, now consists of primarily of electronics, so much so, if it doesn’t light up and produce sound, it isn’t considered a “good” toy. With stuffed animals whose play is App dependent, I’m left to wonder if the velveteen rabbit has become irrelevant to today’s 5 year olds ?

Vintage Etiquette

Vintage Etiquette

This broadcasts hopes to highlight some of more important aspects of social etiquette, and discusses how their absence effects our daily lives. Furthermore Ms. Bisou points out how Silicon Valley is allowed to engineer detrimental social changes, through our insatiable hunger to simplify our lives with their technological “marvels”. The Vintage Lifestyle is not technologically phobic, but rather demands responsibility and self-reliance which in the end give us the freedom and relationships that make life worthwhile.

Listen to the show, and start some meaningful dialogue of your own.

Discuss Vintage Talk Radio, Vintage Etiquette and why social media can turn people into jerks

//end Vintage Etiquette

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