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Vintage Talk Radio episode 06

Vintage Talk Radio episode 06


Vintage Talk Radio episode 06

Vintage Talk Radio episode 06

Vintage Intimacy versus Modern machine driven relationships.

When we think of intimacy from today’s perspective, we think about sexual exchanges. But just as we can have sexual intercourse without «  making love  » so too is intimacy possible without sexual contact.

On that note, intimacy is better thought of as loving than as sex. In fact, we are intimate on some level with each and every person that we care about, because vintage intimacy stems from a familiarity with each other.   By being consistently our true selves in our interactions with our closest companions, we share intimate knowledge about ourselves that allows our family and friends to predict how we’ll respond to different circumstances and live events. It tells them when to offer words of encouragement; when to make light of a situation and when to be serious; and when simply to lend and understanding ear.  As we age and mature,  we decide what to reveal and what to keep private from our loved ones and friends. This develops both an independent sense of self as well as a uniqueness to each of our relationships.

In pair bonding «  vintage  » intimacy, what changes is the privacy barriers come down; or at least they should. Because without taking down these barriers, we cannot hope to achieve a wholeness with our lifepartner, or to ever completely share ourselves with one another.  It may seem like a rather romantic notion, but it’s what allows a couple to be able to finish each other’s sentences or to know each other’s thoughts. Every natural process can be thought of as a wave; it ebbs and flows, has highs and lows and lots in between. Sound, light even trees have a natural vibrational wave pattern. What happens in a relationship is with each intimate encounter our natural wave patterns are drawn closer together…and true Vintage intimacy is achieved when these wave patterns (our souls if you will) synchronize. Such couples can achieve intimacy without even a word because they know not only how to touch or look at one another, but also the precise moment when such a gesture is needed.

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But the reason for my calling this Intimacy Vintage is that those who achieve it are no longer the majority. In fact Hollywood has gone so far as to change wedding vows from «  till death do us part  » to «  for all our days together  » as if to say that the marital commitment is temporary from the get-go.  But the social changes of the modern world are much more incidious, as our tendency to trade face to face encounters for electronic messaging has given rise to a generation that is more comfortable facing a screen than each other.

The intimate process that we go through in the developement with each and every meaningful relationship is no longer being achieved in the school yard or neighbourhood park but is the process that each and every child today goes through when he creats and builds a profile on social media. All the gradual get to know you questions that friends used to ask one another are being asked by a machine.  A machine that demands our attention everyday, and takes notes on what makes us tick; from our associations and opinions, to what we like and dislike, to where we’ve been and where we want to go. It doesn’t forgive or forget; and it preselects content based on our prievious responses so we feel an amicable connection with it.  The countless hours spent revealing the mundane little details about ourselves amount to a subconcious intimate bonding with the machine. And eventually the yes or no; like or dislike; binary responses infiltrate our thought patterns. Heavy users begin to see the world in  pixelated black and white absolutes instead of the rainbow blend of colours that is reality.  I’ve noticed lately whenever there are people playing in the park; it’s either parents with young preschoolers; or people over 25 years old playing like kids. The children and adolescents if they are to be seen around at all; have their heads buried in their i-gadgets.

The problem that persists and perpetuates in achieving real intimacy is only exasperated by the compounding of social media use with watching pornography and masterbation.  The time that we should be passing forming pair bonds; face to face with a real person is being wasted on an electronic whore that is incapable of feeling. She takes your hopes, your fears; your dreams and yor deepest thoughts  and turns them into cheap entertainment to profit her unseen  pimps ( the entities in control of the social media). She works you up; she gets you to spend your money; and then she leaves you taking care of yourself/ But she did worse than abandon you; she played you for a fool; as she was never really there to begin with. It was all just an illusion.

Please don’t confuse the people that use social media with the media and the machine. I’m not saying that other people using social media are to blame; thaty are just as much victims of the same process.

And thus you understand why I’ve been calling this Vintage intimacy. Because the ultimate sychronized pair bonding that all couples who marry hope to achieve is unattainable through social media, or even the relationships that develop therein.  All relationships must florish in the real world. Real face to face time must be spent together; real world problems must be surmounted together, and real life joys must be shared with another living and breathing soul without using a machine as a conduit of communication.

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Vintage Talk Radio – episode 03

Vintage Talk Radio – episode 03

You are what you eat

In today’s episode we discuss the differences between the way we got our food in the early 20th century and the way we get it today. Issues include industrial farming, genetically modified, food made toxic due to plastic packaging, etc. Music for this episode includes a selection of blues, jazz and even recordings found on cylinders !

This is the 2nd full length broadcast titled Vintage Talk Radio – episode 03 – You are what you eat!

After the new audio sign-in, and program changes are addressed Bisou talks to us about Food, as always in terms of the vintage lifestyle. Specifically, how our food attitudes have changed how we produce and what we eat through the last 100 years.

Food was once linked directly to socialization; today social dinner’s are rare occasions. Even sitting around the dinner table, eating the same meal in the average household has become an inconvenience for many because of individual priorities, schedules and tastes. Vintage lifestylers prioritizes this family time, taking the opportunity to share with household members more than a healthy home cooked meal. They get to know what is important to each other, while learning proper dining etiquette and preserving the knowledge of food preparation and serving.

Vintage Talk Radio - episode 03

Vintage talk radio – episode 03

The broadcast addresses how plastic has infiltrated our food cycle. Bisou discusses how removing the plastic component from food sources, will not only reduce waste but appetite. Glass, cotton, metal (aluminum foil) and paper (waxed paper too) serve as substitutes for plastic packaging. All much as is possible, food is purchased direct from the (organic) farm, foraged or is home grown.

The industrialization of farming and prepackaged foods, has produced sick animals and sterile land. Better farming processes exist, and the challenge is in part being taken up by homesteaders. Perm-culture, which uses a three dimensional multiple season production cycle and natural fertilizers ensure the best overall production, least petrol-chemical dependance and most healthy, nutritionally rich and tasty food products, is a workable option for everyone having a yard around their home.

The result of these changes in food attitudes and production cycles have given rise to a weight problem in society. Although one specific cause cannot be attributed to expanding waistlines, the solution is found in following the vintage lifestyle, and taking full responsibility for what we feed ourselves. By cooking our own foods, buying organic and taking our time to enjoy a meal together, we can make positive changes in both or physical and mental health.

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Hungry for more info: write your questions in the VINTAGE FORUM or watch these informative documentaries: A Farm for the Future
Addicted to plastic (La malediction du plastic en français), and Food, Inc.

End of Vintage talk radio –  episode 03

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Vintage Talk Radio episode 07

The dialogue for today on Vintage Talk Radio episode 07 is MonoCulture.  What it is and what you can do to fight against it!

Vintage Talk Radio episode 07 MonoCulture

Vintage Talk Radio episode 07 MonoCulture

Today Bisou talks to you about monoculturalism. Monoculturalism is the market’s manipulation of public opinion to form an impulsive populas of immediate gratification seekers.  By favoring the drives and desires of adolscent males; women have become an easily accessible commodity; losing their traditional roles and value to the gadgets that facilitate shopping for sexual release.

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Dissatisfied with a monoculture that discards one woman for another once the novelty wears off; many women are looking to other cultures for an identity that gives them respect and value because by offering more permanence to their relationships. One such sub-culture is living VINTAGEly; rejecting the status quo for the traditional culture that existed when the market responded to the peoples’ demands and didn’t dictate our needs.

Bisou also illustrates how the market stifles real innovation in favor of conveniences. Repackaging pre-exisiting technologies into pocket-sized; no skill to operate gadgets; that keep us dependent on the market to provide us with what we forget how to get and make for ourselves.

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So if you think that the market is falling short in providing you with the “gratification” promised; listen and find out not only why this is so, but also what you can do about it.

Musical intermission is music recordings that are at least 100 years old which include the following artists :

George Formby – John Willie Come On
Arthor Collins – I’ve Got A White Man Working For Me
The Black Diamonds – Dollar Princess

// end Vintage Talk Radio episode 07

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Vintage Talk Radio – episode 04

Vintage Talk Radio – episode 04

How to have good manners

Vintage Talk Radio - episode 04

Vintage Talk Radio – episode 04

Men’s manners toward Women

The whole code of manners toward a woman is based on the assupmtion that she belngs to to a weaker sex, with frailer muscles and more delicate sensibilites. To what extent this is true is a matter for physiologists and psycholotists. The man who wants to have god manners should refrain from trying to prove that a woman can open a heavy dor just as efficiently as he can. Men traditionally accord women certain marks of respect, and though the disappeearance of hobble skirts and breath-dfying corsets has obliterated the reasons for some of these courtesies, the courtesies are still accepted as part of the code of a gentleman.

Talking about women

A well-mannered man does not talk about his conquests. He does not, in fact, say anything about a woman which would give others a questionable opinion of her integrity or morals. Most men automatically accord this courtesy to their wives or sweethearts, but they may be less respectful about a woman whose relationship with them is more casual. Locker-room bull sessions about women are poor manners.

Unnecessay Touching.

A well-mannered man avoids touching a woman unnecessarily. In helping a lady down from a bus or over an icy sidewak, a certain amount of touching is necessary, but in ordinary conversation, patting on the shoulder or squeezing the arm is wholly unnecessary. The line between friendliness and pawing is a very fine one.

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Making a woman conspicuous

A well-mannered man does nothing to make a woman conspicous in public. He doesn’t talk loudly or intimately with her, or call her name aloud across a lobby. If you want to hail a friend across the street, cross and catch up with her so you can do so without announcing her name to the whole block.

Walking with a woman

In general, a man walks on the curb side of the street, although this is no longer a rigid rule, nor is it necessary to shift constantly back and forth. In walking with two women, a man should keep to the curb side to avoid turning his back on one while talking to the other. – A man always opens a door for a woman, and hold it for her to go through. In the case of a revolving door, he starts it off with a push, and then lets her precede him. – A man carries packages or suitcases for a woman. ( Most men in an uniform are not supposed to carry packages, but this isn’t strictly observed.) – A man holds an umbrella over both the woman and himself. – A man does not offer his arm to a lady in the daytime unless she is very old or or the ground is very slippery, or in crossing a busy street. He may, however, offer his arm when walking at night. There is no need to clutch a woman’s elbow going up and down curbs, unless there is a lot of water in the gutter or some other difficulty. A man should never take a woman’s arm, but should, if the circumstances warrant it, offer her to his arm. – If it is necessary to go single file down a theatre aisle or in a train, for example; the man lets the woman go first unless there is some reason for him to lead the way ( such as having to open heavy doors. )

Kissing in Public

There’s nothing wrong with kissing a woman you’re meeting or leaving in public, but be sure that it’s a public sort of kiss. Long and passionate kissing is better done in private.

Courtesies at the table.

A man holds a woman’s chai’r for her when she sits down at the table and then ea ses (not shoves) it in until she is comfortably placed. This should apply to your wife and teen-ége daughters, too. – A man always sees that a woman is served first. That is, if the gravey bowl is passed to you, offer it to the lady next to you before serving yourself.

Paying for things.

It used to be ironclad rule that a man paid for practically everything when he was with a waoman. This has been modif_ieed considerably, and now there are manty occaisions when expenses are split or are paid by the woman-among young people who have agreed to this arrangement in advance, or in certain business situations. In general, however, when you have asked a womane to a social lunch, or to the movies, you pay for everything – transportation, tickets, food, drink and tips. In the case of when a woman has asked you somewhere, to a dance or to the theatre for instance, she pays for the tickets (usually in advance), but you take care of the transporation and a snak or drinks later. A casual meeting with a woman acquaintance in a restaurant or subway entrance, however, does not make you liable for her lunch check or subway fare.

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Vintage Talk Radio – episode 05

Vintage Talk Radio – episode 05

Should you really be using the Internet to find friends?

It is often said that a virtual chicken soup does nothing to ease the symptoms of a real cold and similarily people who embrace the vintage lifestyle are doing so because Virtual friends are doing nothing to ease real loneliness. Creating or growing your reallife cicle of friends starts with being in places where you are sure to cross paths with others; and by making an effort to go to places where you will encounter people with similar interests. Socialization means making each and every human interaction count by being consistent in your behavior. Not only will nondiscriminatory consistent Vintage etiquette build a strong character; but it is also by these daily actions that you will be judged by others.

Since putting your best foot forward can be challenging or tiresome; Bisou gives us tips for staying positive, releasing negative energy, reclaiming positive thought patterns and even battling shyness. In revealing the secret to finding the perfect for you partner, we discover thta each and every person shold be regarded as someone who may know the special someone who is right for you. By focusing socializing on only meeting potential partners; you not only deny youself an invaluable social network that enriches all aspects of your live, but you might also be misssing out on the oportunity to meet that Mr or Mrs Right for you. So then everyone should be treated with the same dignity and respect as you would for someone that you intended to woo.

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Several ideas for socialization venues are proposed; as well as some Vintage dating guidelines. Finally Bisou talks about how to attract the person that is perfect for you by being the person that is right for him or her. Preparing for a longterm commitment is as much about knowing yourself, your values and your objectives as it is about knowing your partner. It is these shared core values and goals that form the foundations of a solid relationship. Good communication is the key to surviving the changes and challenges that life has to offer. Socialization; be it on the community level or a more intimate scale is never binary. Perfect for you does not mean perfect; nobody is perfect, not you, not your partner, not life; our expectations must reflect this fact. Afterall it’s sharing the ups and downs of living that produce the most enduring relationships.

Vintage Talk Radio - episode 05

Vintage Talk Radio – episode 05

Vintage Socialization without social media…real people, real encounters; real life…start sharing the lifestyle

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Vintage Talk Radio – Episode 02

Vintage Talk Radio – Episode 02

A picture is always worth a thousand words.

Vintage Lifestyle - - Woowho1969 - Ebay

Flipping through an old family album, I’m presented with faces I never knew and places I’d like to have been. Looking at these images, a thousand words and questions flood the mind, who were these people, are they direct relatives, what did they know, where did go, what traits do we share ? This is just one of countless intergenerational activities that are common in the Vintage lifestyle.

Even though photography as an art form is virtually dead…

a picture still is always worth a thousand words. Today those thousand words include retnal scans, geo-locators, data downloads of every identifiable element in an image to create a market profile of the camera user. Add to this that the most common images taken are selfies and we see a very grim picture of a lonely consumer driven society.

The vintage lifesytle, is a response to these intrusions into our personal lives.

Because we’ll never know what data is being collected, and how were being profiled, a nosey neighbor from whom you can borrow a cup of sugar, is suddenly appealing. Just look at images from yesteryear and we can see immediately what is missing is the interpersonal relationships. I offer you two images, each a generic publicity shot of people having a good time, one in the 50s, one from the 21st century. Ignoring that the 50s shot has a larger set and employs 2 more couples, the most striking difference is the body language between the couples. Both photos avoid that the people look directly into the camera, this presents a candid, more “realistic” ambiance, but an astute eye will quickly see that the modern image needs alcohol, balloons and streamers to creat it’s “fun” atmosphere while the black and white image,is muuh more convincing because each couple seems to be not only happy to be at the party, but also happy to be together.

 Vintage Lifestyle 1950s partyNot the vintage lifestyle - desperate for friends - drunk slobs

People are so alone today, it’s no wonder that the vintage lifestyle is a growing movement.

Not only to regain family values, but to give society a future by building communities of poeple who care about each other. There is a growing trend, that is more than just fashion popularized by shows like Madmen or “”This old thing”. A trend of people who identify with the values of times gone by, people who don’t want to wear a uniform, or be like everyone else, people who want to be accepted for themselves with all their quirks and idiocycracies, people who like people and want to form communities with others who relise that happiness comes not from keeping up with the Jones, but sharing what you’ve got, even if all you have is time or a laugh and a smile.

As a trend the media is trying to promote (and profit from) vintage as a fad, hoping to sell new retro styles and keep the hyperconsumerism buzzsaw going. And although some people might be taken to buy a unique article, or something they saw featured on TV, the market misses the whole point. Real vintage lifestylers, will make an entire wardrobe of clothing that was made to last (and already has). It’s more than frugal spending, it’s a calling card to other vintage lifestylers that says, I’m an individual, I think for myself, I walk my own path, I’m interesting, so come and talk to me.

Because like the photos, show….happiness / a good time, isn’t at the bottom of a glass of bubbly, it comes from good times spent together with others that really listen and really care. So get yourself some Vintage Clothes, annonce yourself as being in the vintage lifestyle and go out and make some real friends.

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Good old fashioned Girl Talk

Good old fashioned Girl Talk about menstruation

Good old fashioned girl talk about menstruation period

Good old fashioned girl talk about menstruation period

This episode is dedicated to my lady listeners and all men who wish to understand a little better the intimate goings on of their female family members. Even though our periods or menses, in part define us as women, we still have problems talking about this healthy natural and regular process our bodies go through. Women menstruate an average of 450 times in their lifetime, yet most have adopted negative thought patterns which treat this emblem of our fertility as something to be resented.

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Ms. Bisou offers more whimsical terms for our T.O.M. and then discusses the multitude of options for sanitary protection available today. Current trends favor ecologically friendly reusable solutions over the disposable pads and tampons that have been predominately used for the last 3 generations. Ms. Bisou explores the menstrual cup, only popularized in recent years despite several patents in the late 1800s, probably due in part to the fact that application is impossible without getting your hands dirty; and indoor plumbing at that time was a luxury. Women’s internals are extremely individual and even today, no cup manufacturer has all sizes covered. So one of the pitfalls when selecting a cup is finding the perfect match…if it even exists. Which leaves us with good old fashioned reusable pads; widely available online from industrious part-time small business women (and often full-time moms) or homemade from rags by those of us ecologically minded and frugal. Ms. Bisou offers some tips for making your own.

Menstruation Period … No more poor planning

Poor planning, hormone fluctuations or a bad nights sleep make accidents an inevitability. So some tricks to getting the stain out are also explained. Finally the last segment of this broadcast discuses how diet, exercise (or orgasm) and herbal remedies can help reduce both PMS and menstrual cramping.

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