Good old fashioned Girl Talk

Good old fashioned Girl Talk about menstruation

Good old fashioned girl talk about menstruation period

Good old fashioned girl talk about menstruation period

This episode is dedicated to my lady listeners and all men who wish to understand a little better the intimate goings on of their female family members. Even though our periods or menses, in part define us as women, we still have problems talking about this healthy natural and regular process our bodies go through. Women menstruate an average of 450 times in their lifetime, yet most have adopted negative thought patterns which treat this emblem of our fertility as something to be resented.

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Ms. Bisou offers more whimsical terms for our T.O.M. and then discusses the multitude of options for sanitary protection available today. Current trends favor ecologically friendly reusable solutions over the disposable pads and tampons that have been predominately used for the last 3 generations. Ms. Bisou explores the menstrual cup, only popularized in recent years despite several patents in the late 1800s, probably due in part to the fact that application is impossible without getting your hands dirty; and indoor plumbing at that time was a luxury. Women’s internals are extremely individual and even today, no cup manufacturer has all sizes covered. So one of the pitfalls when selecting a cup is finding the perfect match…if it even exists. Which leaves us with good old fashioned reusable pads; widely available online from industrious part-time small business women (and often full-time moms) or homemade from rags by those of us ecologically minded and frugal. Ms. Bisou offers some tips for making your own.

Menstruation Period … No more poor planning

Poor planning, hormone fluctuations or a bad nights sleep make accidents an inevitability. So some tricks to getting the stain out are also explained. Finally the last segment of this broadcast discuses how diet, exercise (or orgasm) and herbal remedies can help reduce both PMS and menstrual cramping.

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