Vintage Talk Radio – Episode 02

Vintage Talk Radio – Episode 02

A picture is always worth a thousand words.

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Flipping through an old family album, I’m presented with faces I never knew and places I’d like to have been. Looking at these images, a thousand words and questions flood the mind, who were these people, are they direct relatives, what did they know, where did go, what traits do we share ? This is just one of countless intergenerational activities that are common in the Vintage lifestyle.

Even though photography as an art form is virtually dead…

a picture still is always worth a thousand words. Today those thousand words include retnal scans, geo-locators, data downloads of every identifiable element in an image to create a market profile of the camera user. Add to this that the most common images taken are selfies and we see a very grim picture of a lonely consumer driven society.

The vintage lifesytle, is a response to these intrusions into our personal lives.

Because we’ll never know what data is being collected, and how were being profiled, a nosey neighbor from whom you can borrow a cup of sugar, is suddenly appealing. Just look at images from yesteryear and we can see immediately what is missing is the interpersonal relationships. I offer you two images, each a generic publicity shot of people having a good time, one in the 50s, one from the 21st century. Ignoring that the 50s shot has a larger set and employs 2 more couples, the most striking difference is the body language between the couples. Both photos avoid that the people look directly into the camera, this presents a candid, more “realistic” ambiance, but an astute eye will quickly see that the modern image needs alcohol, balloons and streamers to creat it’s “fun” atmosphere while the black and white image,is muuh more convincing because each couple seems to be not only happy to be at the party, but also happy to be together.

 Vintage Lifestyle 1950s partyNot the vintage lifestyle - desperate for friends - drunk slobs

People are so alone today, it’s no wonder that the vintage lifestyle is a growing movement.

Not only to regain family values, but to give society a future by building communities of poeple who care about each other. There is a growing trend, that is more than just fashion popularized by shows like Madmen or “”This old thing”. A trend of people who identify with the values of times gone by, people who don’t want to wear a uniform, or be like everyone else, people who want to be accepted for themselves with all their quirks and idiocycracies, people who like people and want to form communities with others who relise that happiness comes not from keeping up with the Jones, but sharing what you’ve got, even if all you have is time or a laugh and a smile.

As a trend the media is trying to promote (and profit from) vintage as a fad, hoping to sell new retro styles and keep the hyperconsumerism buzzsaw going. And although some people might be taken to buy a unique article, or something they saw featured on TV, the market misses the whole point. Real vintage lifestylers, will make an entire wardrobe of clothing that was made to last (and already has). It’s more than frugal spending, it’s a calling card to other vintage lifestylers that says, I’m an individual, I think for myself, I walk my own path, I’m interesting, so come and talk to me.

Because like the photos, show….happiness / a good time, isn’t at the bottom of a glass of bubbly, it comes from good times spent together with others that really listen and really care. So get yourself some Vintage Clothes, annonce yourself as being in the vintage lifestyle and go out and make some real friends.

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