Vintage Talk Radio – episode 05

Vintage Talk Radio – episode 05

Should you really be using the Internet to find friends?

It is often said that a virtual chicken soup does nothing to ease the symptoms of a real cold and similarily people who embrace the vintage lifestyle are doing so because Virtual friends are doing nothing to ease real loneliness. Creating or growing your reallife cicle of friends starts with being in places where you are sure to cross paths with others; and by making an effort to go to places where you will encounter people with similar interests. Socialization means making each and every human interaction count by being consistent in your behavior. Not only will nondiscriminatory consistent Vintage etiquette build a strong character; but it is also by these daily actions that you will be judged by others.

Since putting your best foot forward can be challenging or tiresome; Bisou gives us tips for staying positive, releasing negative energy, reclaiming positive thought patterns and even battling shyness. In revealing the secret to finding the perfect for you partner, we discover thta each and every person shold be regarded as someone who may know the special someone who is right for you. By focusing socializing on only meeting potential partners; you not only deny youself an invaluable social network that enriches all aspects of your live, but you might also be misssing out on the oportunity to meet that Mr or Mrs Right for you. So then everyone should be treated with the same dignity and respect as you would for someone that you intended to woo.

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Several ideas for socialization venues are proposed; as well as some Vintage dating guidelines. Finally Bisou talks about how to attract the person that is perfect for you by being the person that is right for him or her. Preparing for a longterm commitment is as much about knowing yourself, your values and your objectives as it is about knowing your partner. It is these shared core values and goals that form the foundations of a solid relationship. Good communication is the key to surviving the changes and challenges that life has to offer. Socialization; be it on the community level or a more intimate scale is never binary. Perfect for you does not mean perfect; nobody is perfect, not you, not your partner, not life; our expectations must reflect this fact. Afterall it’s sharing the ups and downs of living that produce the most enduring relationships.

Vintage Talk Radio - episode 05

Vintage Talk Radio – episode 05

Vintage Socialization without social media…real people, real encounters; real life…start sharing the lifestyle

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//Vintage Talk Radio – episode 05

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