Vintage Talk Radio episode 07

The dialogue for today on Vintage Talk Radio episode 07 is MonoCulture.  What it is and what you can do to fight against it!

Vintage Talk Radio episode 07 MonoCulture

Vintage Talk Radio episode 07 MonoCulture

Today Bisou talks to you about monoculturalism. Monoculturalism is the market’s manipulation of public opinion to form an impulsive populas of immediate gratification seekers.  By favoring the drives and desires of adolscent males; women have become an easily accessible commodity; losing their traditional roles and value to the gadgets that facilitate shopping for sexual release.

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Dissatisfied with a monoculture that discards one woman for another once the novelty wears off; many women are looking to other cultures for an identity that gives them respect and value because by offering more permanence to their relationships. One such sub-culture is living VINTAGEly; rejecting the status quo for the traditional culture that existed when the market responded to the peoples’ demands and didn’t dictate our needs.

Bisou also illustrates how the market stifles real innovation in favor of conveniences. Repackaging pre-exisiting technologies into pocket-sized; no skill to operate gadgets; that keep us dependent on the market to provide us with what we forget how to get and make for ourselves.

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So if you think that the market is falling short in providing you with the “gratification” promised; listen and find out not only why this is so, but also what you can do about it.

Musical intermission is music recordings that are at least 100 years old which include the following artists :

George Formby – John Willie Come On
Arthor Collins – I’ve Got A White Man Working For Me
The Black Diamonds – Dollar Princess

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