Intelligent People Unite

The time is now Intelligent People Unite

Intelligent People Unite

Intelligent people unite because it’s time for vintage to take over

Enough already with Hollywood besmurching family values and common sense. Enough already with children raised on the internet, slaves to their, I (is for idiot) I-gadgets, and social medias.

Reconnect with real music, put together by talented musiciens, not manufacteured by software and spoonfed to us by marketers. say “ahhhh” , “Gag—ahhh….Gag—ahhh.”

Intelligent people unite because planned obsolescence is bad for the world

And enough with forced obsolescence, return to a time when things were built to last, with pride and care. You too can be part of the Vintage Revolution.

Intelligent People Unite

Intelligent people unite for you may find inspiration from anywhere on this site.

The Vintage Lifestle proposes a look back at times gone by. With commentary on what we had, and how people living the vintage lifestyle are getting back what has been lost in modern society.

The Store offers real vintage clothing, mostly made in Europe, but periodically products from all over Western / occidental nations are found.(eg.Made in the USA, Canada, England, etc) And NOTHING from China!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for either check back later, or better still, contact the site to make a special request. (Include your budget and measurements). Non-clothing items can also be found, JUST ASK. Links to ebay, give you access to my clear-outs. Discounts for larger orders are available.

Intelligent people unite because this is what my site has to offer you

Films: here you’ll find information on your classic television show and movies, as well as the stars that made them so special.

Music: here you’ll find infomation on early radio stars, singers, musiciens, dancers and dance trends.

DIY: here you’ll find more than just DIY selections. In the past, governments offered helpful hints for everything from saving time and money to hygiene and getting along with others,

Forum: here you can interact with a Vintage community. You will find vintage entertainment and DIY projects including fashion and makeup. This section is bi-lingual french and english, so feel free to learn a little french/ québeçois while you’re visiting. 🙂

THANK YOU and enjoy !

PS. Once again Intelligent People Unite and find others like yourself in the vintage forum